Why Make Things Difficult?
It is examination time again.  My daughter and I are faced with scheduled exams before we shall welcome summer.  While Faizah's classmates are buried into tutorial sessions, she was busy skipping ropes at home with cousins and friends.  I have my own long exams, research proposals, and requirements to meet, but I do not want to deprive my daughter of the time when I can assist her in her studies.  So, I called her up to get ready for a review.  
It is a blessing that one of her classmate's mother was very generous to share with Faizah the practice test questions that she had prepared for her son to review on.  Faizah quickly answered the test and handed it back to me for correction.  
When I picked the Language Practice Test papers, Faizah rushed and said "Hmmm...mama, I am sorry if did not tell the truth in the question that asked "When was the last time you ate fried chicken?".
"Well, let me see..." I told her.  Then I  quickly…
All That I Love

All that I love, only put me in despair
What used to be an adventure
Just bruised my heart, put me to tears
Made me cranky, lead me out of here!

All that I love, I put in a bin
Have to tie them, have to contain
Lead me out of here, please, no hell
For in all that I love, nothing's well.

All that I love, party and dancercise
Now are gone, bring me no lies
The laughter and neon lights
The lights, the flicker, slowly dies.

All that I love, now are dead
Quiet as the monastery, so still
The sexton's my witness, always will
As I lay all that I love, to their peaceful bed.